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System Features & Benefits

Small Volume
Apps on Android & IOS
User friendly and reliable
No air compressor,low maintenance cost
Easy of use

 Small Volume--1/3 of Portable type
 Complete functions--Almost the same with Portable type
 Easy to control--Operation on handle directly
 Modern look-- The smallest one
 Bluetooth 4.0 communication function--connect with smart devices
 Apps on Android & IOS
 Build-in user platform


• Physiotherapy
• Rehabilitation
• Orthopedics
• Sports medicine
• Aesthetic medicine
• Treatment for urological pain therapy and erectile dysfunction

 Potential users  

• Home care
• Sport team
• Community hospital
• Clinic (out-door visit)

  Operate on handle directly  

  App on Smartphone  

  Technical Specifications  

Power Levels/Energy            10-185mj(equivalent to 0.1-5bar)                                                            
Frequency                              1-22HZ
Display Mode                        OLED display                                                                                           
Controls                                 Trigger to treat on handle directly without foot pedal
                                               View all setup and therapy program information on phone via bluetooth

Size of Therapeutic Head      6/15/25mm(35mm as option)                                                                   
Life time                                Minimum 4,000,000 shocks per handpiece, 300,000 shocks per head
Dimensions                            300x240x180mm(main unit)                                                                    
Gross Weight                         6kg