OCE-ESWT-003 Type II

OCE-ESWT-003 Type II

• Clinical Strength for Home Use

• Deep Penetrating Focused Shockwave

• Adjustable Frequency for Mild or Acute ED Cases

• Stimulated Better Circulation


• Clinical Strength for Home Use

• Deep Penetrating Focused Shockwave

• Adjustable Frequency for Mild or Acute ED Cases

• Stimulated Better Circulation

Erectile dysfunction is a persistent inability to achieve and/or maintain sufficient penile rigidity to allow satisfactory intercourse for at least three months. This functional disorder can occur in men under 40 and in seniors over 75. This pathology has an impact on the quality of life of patients and on their sexuality.Since the beginning of 2019, the CHU's urology and andrology department has been equipped with the Restoris Renova machine: a non-invasive, non-pharmacological and painless treatment by shock waves, which acts on the cause and not on the symptoms of the dysfunction erectile. The Besançon establishment is the only center in Bourgogne Franche-Comté to offer this technology to treat this pathology.

A painless shock wave technique

The treatment by shock waves consists in applying painless micro-pulsations of low intensity to the level of the penis of the patient in order to proliferate the blood vessels of the cavernous bodies, thus increasing the arrival of blood in the penis during erection. . Thus, a cellular mechanism occurs under the effect of “shock wave therapy” to lead to vascular regeneration. The end goal of the procedure is to help the patient regain spontaneity in sexual intercourse.

An effective protocol that changes the lives of patients

The care takes place on average over 6 weeks at the rate of one 30-minute session per week during the consultation with the andrologist doctor. The results are observable for the patient three months after the treatment. At the tariff level, the treatment is the responsibility of the patient, as are the pharmacological treatments for this type of disorder.

Regarding the success of the protocol, the majority of patients report having regained fulfilling sexual activity, although the results vary depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, some patients prove to be partially responsive to the treatment: this has the advantage, however, of allowing them to reduce oral treatments. At the end of the therapy, patients will have to respect some hygiene rules such as quitting smoking, playing sports or watching their diet.

Technical Principle  

Oceanus Shock Wave Therapy Device (EDX) is a compact, user-friendly, in-home use shockwave therapy solution for men’s sexual performance. Treatments are tailored to individual needs and adjustable to the frequency and time of treatment. Shockwaves stimulate cellular growth, increase blood flow and promote healthy tissue regeneration. It provides an effective, non-invasive alternative designed for elective self-administration to relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Induces Vasodilation and Angiogenesis to Combat ED Symptoms
Stimulates and enhances nerve sensation
Reduces pain and inflammation on the spot

• LI-ESWT may also improve the effectiveness of pde5 inhibitors, which are oral drugs to treat ED

Before Shockwave                                                                   After Shockwave



● Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
● Penile Scar Tissue
● Pelvic Pain

● Erectile Tissues

EDX shockwave therapy is a form of physical therapy that uses acoustic sound waves to stimulate healing. Various clinical studies on erectile dysfunction demonstrated a significant improvement in perfusion and the formation of new vessels which is crucial for a high level of patient acceptance and a successful application.

  Technical Specifications  
Treatment Time                      1-5 min                                                                                   
Pulse energy levels                  35 mJ,the CV is ±5%
Working Frequency               Three gears can be selected. H: 20Hz; M: 15Hz; L:10 Hz  
Screen Bright                          LED


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