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Handheld ultrasound therapy device


• Treatment of Pain
• Muscle Spasm
• Joint Contracture Relief
• Limb Dyskinesia
• Soft Tissue Contusion

Bright intuitive LED display, intuitive and clear

Five-way key setting, easy to operate
Small, ergonomic design that is easy to hold and portable
Customizable treatment times 1-30 Minutes
Pulsed wave or continuous wave modes  Selectable Wave Strength
Head warming feature pre-heats up to 95°F the sound head applicator for increased patient comfort.
• Comes complete with device, AC/DC adapter, travel case, quick start guide and instruction manual

  Technical Specifications  
Acoustic Frequency                          1.0MHz±10%                                                                                          
Pulse frequency rate                          100Hz±10%
Waveform                                         Continuous / Pulsed                                                                                 
Effective radiation area                     5cm2±10%
Duty cycle                                        100%,90%,80%,70%,60%,50%,40%,30%,20%,10%                             
Treatment Time                                Freely adjustable, 30 minutes
Max. Effective intensity                   Max 1.6 W/cm2                                                                                      
Preheat time                                      Max 2 minutes